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Women's Fleeces & Ladies Fleece Jackets

Country Fleeces for Women

Here at Rydale, we understand that lovely cosy feeling that a high-quality fleece has in colder weather. Our women's fleeces don't just look great but give that warm fluffy blanket feeling just when you need it.

Designed to be worn outdoors as well as a layering piece, our women’s fleeces are made of the highest-quality materials, which will last you for a long time. Treat your fleece like a jacket during the warmer months for those mornings where you must be outside or wear yours underneath a thicker coat when the temperature drops where it acts as a thick thermal layer to keep you warm inside.

We have a full range of styles too, from waistcoats to full and half-zip designs as well as our popular Sherpa fleeces, perfect for cosy nights in front of the fire! Take a look at our styles below and see which one is best for you:

Fleece waistcoat – Our fleece waistcoats are as snug as you can get! We’ve added our special Rydale touches, such as leather trim and pockets, to give them a luxurious look and feel to make sure you feel stylish as well as comfortable when out and about in the countryside.

With a choice of neutral and rich colours, we’ve decided to stick with tones that will carry you through each season and shades that will never go out of style. Wear over a checked shirt for the ultimate country lady look.

Half-zip and full-zip fleeces – If it’s a little colder, our half-zip and full-zip fleeces are the ones to turn to. We recommend our half-zip styles for occasions when you’ll be leaving your fleece on for a number of hours; if you’ll be taking your fleece off frequently, our full-zip version is easier to delayer with.

Both styles are fitted to give a womanly shape but if you’d prefer the fit a little looser, size up so you can wear even more layers underneath! Wear them over a checked shirt or a long-sleeved stripy T-shirt and you’re covered for many casual events!

Sherpa fleece – If you’re after our thickest fleece, look no further than our range of Sherpa fleeces. These really are like wearing a blanket out of the house, just a little more acceptable!

Because of its fluffy lining, stick with wearing lighter colours underneath for the first few wears to avoid picking fluff off any darker clothing.

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