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Country Men's Tweed Waistcoats & Moleskin Waistcoats

Moleskin & Tweed Waistcoats for Men

Explore our collection of men's tweed and moleskin country waistcoats! Rydale delivers on quality of material and style once again, with our range of gorgeous Men's tweed waistcoats as well as a selection of smart moleskin waistcoats. You might choose to wear your tweed waistcoat to achieve that great smart-casual look with jeans and brogues or to finish off the full country attire look paired with a tweed jacket. Either way, Rydale has you covered with our collection of men's tweed and moleskin waistcoats. 

Men's Tweed Waistcoat

Each designed and crafted right here in the UK, our men's country waistcoats have been made from the finest quality materials to ensure a premium finish. Choose from a contemporary men's moleskin waistcoat or a classic tweed waistcoat design. Whatever you are looking for, we are sure to have a stylish and sophisticated waistcoat for men in our range above. 

Many of our waistcoats also match up with a selection of our tweed jackets so you might want to consider pairing the two together. This look is perfect for formal events, such as weddings or parties. You’ll be the best-dressed man there for sure!

We also have a range of plain men's moleskin waistcoats, designed to be a little more versatile so you have a choice of wearing various different shirts underneath. If you know you’ll be reaching for yours often, you might want to consider a moleskin style first. 

Satin Back Tweed Waistcoat:

Our most popular country waistcoat comes in six options, all of which match a Rydale tweed blazer. Every waistcoat comes in a classic shade, such as brown, navy or olive, with a colourful thread running through it. Pick up on the thread colour and match your shirt to your waistcoat! The adjustable satin back gives it a luxurious feel, meaning you can wear it as a standalone item without losing any style points!

Men's Satin Back Waistcoat

Moleskin Front Waistcoat:

Our men's moleskin waistcoat comes in four different shades: olive, navy, sand and wine. All look stylish with a plain white shirt underneath, but you could also opt for a checked or gingham shirt instead. You could match the colour of your men's moleskin waistcoat to the thread of your shirt or choose a shirt in the same colour family. Take a look at our new collection of men's moleskin country waistcoats now. 

Classic Tweed Front Waistcoat:

Our classic style comes with a cotton back, rather than satin. These tweed waistcoats are perfect for everyday wearing and look equally as fashionable underneath a tweed jacket. Again, select the coloured thread running through the tweed and match up your checked shirt to it.

Finish the look with jeans and smart shoes for smart-casual events or suit trousers for formal occasions. You can add a jacket on top or leave the waistcoat as the focal piece of your outfit.

Please do look through our collection of men's tweed and moleskin waistcoats and get in touch if you have any questions or sizing requirements. Order online for quick delivery of your men's waistcoats. If you have any questions at all regarding our country waistcoat selection then go ahead and just shoot us across a message and we're more than happy to share more information.

Explore our range of country men's tweed waistcoats & moleskin waistcoats in the following colours .

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